Harvest Sesame

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Mmmm! Har-Vest! Is that clothing you wear in the fall? Hee! So long as we are talking packaging, I’d like to point out the creepy sesame eyed cracker critter icon. I can’t figure out if it has a bunch of sesame freckles and no eyes or millions of sesame eyes (and no freckles). Either way…creeeeeepy! On the other hand, they are packaged in discrete units (about 5 crackers per package) within the main package, which is pretty cool. Again, with the Ritz comparison I liked the discrete packaging because you can open the larger package and not have to worry about all the crackers going stale. Lastly, one of my Guinea pigs was looking at the ingredients list and found that the crackers have dolomite in them. Dolomite!

Heh. The crackers are very flat (say take a piece of regular 20# paper and fold it four times) and nicely bite sized. They were also nicely crispity too. And yes, they did have sesames on them which were neither eyes nor freckles but just plain seeds.

They also had a sweet coating which gave them a nice sugary flavor along with their sesame wheatiness. I’m not sure the dolomite ever came into play, but then again I am not prone to munching on the corner of buildings either so I wouldn’t know exactly what dolomite tastes like. Still, there was nothing in the sweety, sesame, wheaty tastes that said “rock” to me.

The Guinea pigs were all about the Har-vesty goodness (I am not so fond of sesame, actually so I deferred to my testers) and decided that they should get 3.5 peas for their inherent Har-vesty goodness and an extra half pea for Dolomite! So in accordance with the wishes of the Guinea masses, I will give Har-vest crackers a

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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