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Say, can you guess why I picked these fellas out? Chuel? I’m not even sure what image that brings to mind but chocolaty sticks of desserty goodness isn’t very high up there on the list. A chuel might be some sort of deepest darkest African insect (as in, watch out for chuel, they will suck the life blood from you in an instant! Huh, it appears as if chuel has become plural as well as singular. Or it could be that you never find just one chuel) or maybe an aboriginal tribe (the Chuel of the Pacific Rim islands believe in reincarnation through eating their dead) or even maybe some sort of rock slurry (after removing the usable quartz, the workers clear out the chuel so it does not clog up the quarry). But not in this case.

What we have here is a thin crispy chocolate cookie like thing (not unlike those rolled up crispy cookies that I think are called pirouettes but much more chocolaty) that has been rolled up and then stuffed with chocolate. Well, in all actuality, the chocolate was poured in because it is definitely that type of chocolate (versus chocolate which is stuffable) but still, chocolate on the inside, chocolate crispy cookie on the outside. These cookies were all about the chocolate. The middle chocolate was the typical dark bitter but smooth and melty Japanese chocolate while the cookie was sort of a sweeter chocolate. Together they were very tasty. There was a nice bitter cocoa taste but enough sweet so that it wasn’t too oppressive. Oh, and the crunch. Nice crunch.

The Guinea Pigs all were in favor of Chuel and while it wasn’t astounding (re:4.5 pea or higher) it certainly earned a good solid and chocolaty

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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