Whiterollita Cookies

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Mmmmm, Whiterollita cookies. Like Lolita but cookier. And with white chocolaty coating and…OK, nothing like Lolita except that it sounds similar. I really liked these fellas. I liked them so much that we had to buy another package to photograph. Ah-hem. Really, I only ate two of them and the rest…errr…wandered off-No! Were eaten by giant Whiterollita scorpions. NO! It was totally the aliens. They beamed up the rest of the package and shot off into space before I could get TheMan to photograph them. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Both packages contained a quasi short breadish cookie covered in a white chocolateesque coating. Mmmmm, white chocolate. The cookie was a tad more thumpy than the quasi Japanese shortbread I have so far encountered but still, nothing like the artery stopping Walkers shortbread (and nothing against that, I’d eat a whole house of Walkers shortbread given the chance. You know, if the aliens didn’t make off with them first). Still, verra tasty for what I’ve tasted so far in the Japanese shortbread market. Thumbs and peas a plenty for the almost shortbreadyness of the cookie.

The coating was an interesting critter. It was…errr…vanilla? Maybe? Certainly it wasn’t anything that was ever any part natural but oddly, I wasn’t bothered. I thought it was the tasTAY and I really appreciated the melt in your mouth texture it possessed. Besides, the odd flavor wasn’t “chemically” per say but it just wasn’t right in a traditional vanilla sense either. Maybe the aliens created this cookie and they tried too hard to “get” vanilla. That would also explain why they stole my package, perhaps it was a recall. Personally, I think the manufactured taste added to the charm. TheMan was a tad disappointed with the obvious VANILLA 346 aspect of the coating, however, so I’ll defer to his suggested rating. I’da gone with a whole 4 peas, but given the odd quality of the VANILLA flavor, I’ll bump off a half pea and go with a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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