Koala’s March (strawberry)

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There comes a time in the JSFR when someone has to be held accountable for inflicting snack atrocities on the general public. My Junkie Followers, that time has come again. We first came across That Which Should Have Never Existed As A Snack Food Or Anything Else For That Matter with Jelly Cake , then but a scant time later there was Puchi Pasuteru. Now, to fill in the ranks of utterly loathsome, I bring you Koala’s March in strawberry.

I’m fairly sad too that this filled cookie snack turned out to be so incredibly nasty because it had the most wonderful strawberry smell. I opened the box and beautiful, tasty strawberry filled the room. I was expecting at least the sort of middle of the road Japanese strawberry flavor with the bland quasi sweetesque crispy thin cookie shell. What I got was the rock bottom of all Japanese strawberry flavored snacks. The strawberry was so foul that it tainted the air trapped within the Koala after the strawberry was piped in. The first bite released this air from its entombment and caused it to go rampaging over ones taste buds in a disgusting stale breath of strawberry bad.

How bad you may ask? Have you ever tried sugarless strawberry Bazooka bubble gum? I did once by accident (I didn’t know it existed, I thought they had changed the packaging for the original flavor) and it was possibly one of the worst tasting man made flavors I had ever come across. This included any and all medicine I had had up to that point. I’m told strawberry sugarless Bubble Yum is the same hideous mutant strawberry flavor as well.

Not only is this flavor bad, but it lingers too. It has after after taste. I was burping up raunch strawberry well into the evening after tasting these critters and it wasn’t pretty. Oddly enough, Badmovie really took to these fellas and didn’t mind the flavor at all. Fine by me, I let him have the rest. No one else wanted them.

However, they do still have the cute Koala pics, so I’ll go half a pea for amusement and I’ll give them half a pea because someone liked them (and they had a good cookie crunch). Grand totally, Koala’s March (strawberry) gets a

Rating of 1 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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  1. kiki said,

    November 17, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Every time i have bought koalas march the cookies were stale.

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