Jolly Pong

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Can you guess why I got these? OK besides the fact that they were in the bargain bin at Hillers (because bargain JSF? Whoooo!) I took one look at the name and giggled. I’ll pick anything up if it makes me chuckle and Jolly Pong? How can you pass up something called Jolly Pong? Hee! We also found out that Jolly Pong appears to be Korean in origin but I’ll let it in as an honorary JSF. J comes right before K so it’s all good! And before y’all start giving me the raised eyebrow, it’s my JSF so I can induct whomever I feel needs to be inducted in. Besides…Jolly Pong!!! Oh and they are indeed snacks, not cereal although they may look suspiciously like cereal. You can tell they are snacks because they say so right on the package.

Good thing too as they look an awful lot like Honey Smacks. In fact, they taste an awful lot like Honey smacks. It’s been a while since I have partaken of the Smacks but I believe these are a tad meltier in the mouth and not as dense as Kellogg’s offering. For those of you who have never had the Smacks, these are individual puffed wheat sweetened with a caramelly flavored sweetner.

Just for you junkies, I did try Jolly Pong in milk (and a bowl, but don’t try this at home, Jolly Pong is not cereal!) and the whole comparison to Honey Smacks can just continue on because these make a pretty good sweetie cereal. You know, if they were cereal, which they’re not. They even color the milk all brown and sugary like Smacks do. Mmmmm.

But look! Plus pea points for packaging. First off there is the professor-graduate who has very important things to say about something. I’m not sure what Jolly Pong and music, math and a magnifying glass have to do with each other but they must. Just look at his intensity!

Next, there is the finals bracket of…critters on the back (and another appearance of the professor-graduate). I’m not sure how the snail won it all since he never started out at the first round but win he did. Or maybe if you take a crab and cross it with a catfish/goldfish with legs, and then cross a dragon fly and ladybug to get a bee and on the other side an eagle and bird crossed with a pig and a bear all combine in the end to make a snail. I don’t know, I can’t read Korean.

And when you are through with your Jolly Pong snacking, they give you a happy seal for freshness. Awwwwww!

Lastly, inside they give you a toy surprise (just like cereal, which this is not) that turns into a scoop! Ummm…so you can scoop your Jolly Pong I suppose. Hey, any food that gives me presents is A-OK in my book. The dotted lines are scoop folding instructions (which are also graphically illustrated on the back, but I figured this JSF had enough pics already. Wow, a lot going on here!)

If you want to know more, go visit Jolly Pong’s Home Site. Even if you don’t want to know more, go visit. It’s whacked! And also very amusing. Heh. After all this, I can not decide how to rate these. On one hand they are an OK snack, nothing to write home about but tasty in a slightly above middle of the road fashion. On the other hand, they amused the beegeebus out of me, which tempts me to add all sorts of peas. So I’ll say they were a solid 3.5 snack with a 0.5 pea packaging for a total

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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