Hello Panda (vanilla)

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This is the third of the Panda Triumvirate, or little panda head shaped vanilla filled cookies with panda pictures on them. Mmmm-Mmmm, if I may be so bold. It has been a while since we visited Panda so let’s have a look see at them shall we? First there is the cookie shell, which very well could be a Nilla wafer (if they made Nilla wafers very thin, hollow and in the shape of a panda head). For some reason, we found the cookie part of the vanilla pandas much tastier than the chocolate or strawberry counterpart. Where as the chocolate and strawberry cookie coating was “sort of a graham cracker texture, Ritz construction, chocolate chip cookie (without the chips) tasting experience” with a “slight flavor but nothing so bold as, say, graham.” (I looked it up. You’re welcome) these were definitely all Nilla. And can I say YUM to that because I love me some Nilla wafers. I thought they were lighter and crispier too so WHOOO for the vanilla panda cookie.

Next is the inside filling. This is where vanilla Hello Panda really shone because the vanilla goo in the inside was a very nice smooth soft filling. It was the softest of the three Pandas, almost like a nice thick frosting but smoooooth. The taste was pleasing in its vanilla-y ness too, perhaps with a faint whiff of chemical but I had to really think about it to taste it. My other Guinea Pigs thought I was on complete crack so if there is a chemical taste, it’s really slight. It doesn’t matter though because it was very tasty.

And of course, the pandas (Oooo, and look…computer mange too). Hee! I am a little disturbed that the majority of them have drill holes in their heads (ouch!) but not enough to deduct any pea points. I mean, pandas! Well, ghost pandas according to this pic but still, cute panda pics. Plus pea points!

These are the tastiest of all the Pandas, a good nosh (and cute pics!) and worth buying. All my pigs agreed so I’m going to give Hello Panda (vanilla) a

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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