Gookie (milk)

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Heh. Gookie. Although these are Chinese in origin, how can you not review something Asianesque named Gookie? I don’t even know why it’s Gookie with a G other than it’s a play on the word Cookie. Or so I am assuming. Gooey cookie? Grand cookie? Got stuff in the middle of a rolled up flute cookie? The Chinese can’t read our letters as much as most of us can’t read theirs and G looks a lot like a C cookie? I don’t know but the name amused me greatly and so here they are.

I’d like to note that the Chinese don’t seem to want to play their rolled up flute cookies like the Japanese do but if you happen to have one of these in your mouth and you exhale, you will loft bits of cookie crumb all over your desk, or wherever you happen to be eating your Gookie. In that aspect, they are just like the Japanese rolled up flute cookies. Gookies are pretty much the same basic rolled up thin crispy cookie filled with goop that we’ve seen in Flute Wafers: strawberry, chocolate and coconut and Just Black Choco Wafer Roll save Gookie looks like it is made from an even thinner cookie (a gthinner cookie?) and given an extra roll or two of cookiness (gextra cookie?). They seem a little denser for their extra wrap of cookie and slightly less crispy in a multi layered less crispy way. They are also nicely airy too with a nice micro crispity crunch.

The down side is the initial waft of manufactured cocoa followed by the adequate manufactured cocoa taste. It’s not a horrid manufactured taste but it’s also not a stellar cocoa taste either. I’d say it’s a 2.5 pea cocoa taste that I can probably go without tasting again for quite a while. I just wasn’t that impressed by the cocoa cookie sensation. Meh.

As for the “milk” part, there is a thin coating of white center goo which is sweet in perhaps a white chocolate kind of way, but the cocoesque flavoring overpowers it. The goo does add a dimension of sweet to the cookie that I think the base cocoa flat cookie bit really needs but I’m not sure you really can identify the goo flavor around the manufactured cocoa. Perhaps something like mint or peanut butter might have the weight to go toe to toe with the cocoaesqueness of Gookie but “milk” just gets lost.

Lastly, I’d like to point out some packing Engrish: Crunchy and Tasty. Versus gooey and tasty? Wouldn’t that be soup? Or maybe it is contrasting with crunchy and tasteless, like many communion wafers I’ve partaken in. Thirdly, there is gooey and tasteless which can be any number of dishes prepared with overboiled vegetables. As I was writing this, a fourth alternative presented itself and that was that the message was describing the cookie itself. There is the crunchy part, which is crunchy but also not particularly full of tasty flavor, and the tasty part, which certainly isn’t crunchy. I think door number four is the best fit answer and I also think that

2.5 out of 5 Wasabi Peas is the best fit Rating.

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