Egg Pudding Pretz

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Hoo hoo! More Pretz! I love reviewing Japanese Snack Foods. This is almost the last of the ‘first’ stash of snacks badmovie acquired from J-list. I think we have one more to go, which we are saving for a comparison taste testing against a stock item that mysteriously disappeared. We’re hoping it comes back because we so really want to do a side by side taste testing of these two snackages. But if it doesn’t, then at some future point in time the last of the first snack stash will be reviewed. For now? More Pretz!

Egg Pudding Pretz. Chalk one more up for the sweetie Pretz (round stick this time out) which makes…5 now? Oh don’t make me go look it up; there are way too many Pretz out there. Let’s just go with 5 as a best wild guess answer because in the long run it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that this Pretz belongs more in the sweet family than the savory family.

It also fits nicely in the crunch family because tasty, tasty Pretz crunch right here, babE! If there is one thing that Pretz does well, that would be crunch. These particular Pretz are also trying really hard to be round stick like Vienna Fingers which…go you little Pretz go. I like the Vienna Finger cookie, it’s like your regular old vanilla sandwich cookie cookie except a bit more dense, a titch less sweet and slightly more cake-y.

But we still haven’t addressed the pudding part of the Pretz and that’s probably because…there isn’t much of one. That’s gonna cost some pea points, sadly. Oh you can taste a faint crème brûléeness to them which I guess is egg pudding-y but it’s not a very strong pudding flavor. In fact, I’d say that these Pretz are more a Vienna Finger Pretz with a crème brûlée afterthought. Which would totally net them 3.5 peas easily if they were Vienna Finger Pretz with a hint of crème brûlée but they are not. Half a pea point deduction. Still, they are a mighty fine Vienna Finger cookie Pretz with a slight hint of what might be considered egg pudding flavor so don’t let my pea deducting stop you from picking some of these up. Just don’t go in with expectations of full on pudding flavor because you will be sadly disappointed.

(The Pigs wanted you to know that Egg Pudding Pretz would be really tasty dipped into pudding so if you happen to have some pudding and a few of these Pretz, give that a try.)

You also might be disappointed with the packaging because these Pretz came in a single bag. True, they are packaged in a small box so one would expect a small inner bag but the single bag trick annoys me. It annoys me less in this fashion than, say, when it’s a normal 4 pack sized box with one single inner goodie holding pack so I might just let it slide. No deducting annoyance pea points for single inner packaging (which allows for quick staleage of all your tasty Pretz) this time around because the chances are good that all the Pretz will be eaten anyway in one sitting. However, if you do find one of these Pretz and they are the same price as the large pack of Pretz, then go ahead and take that pea point away. Otherwise, I think Egg Pudding Pretz can go on with life having a

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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