Sake Ame

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More candy from the Great J-List Snack Buying Extravaganza of Aught Seven. I actually requested these among the list of snacks I thought would be a fun addition to the review because I like sake and a sake candy sounded fun and unusual. And also Japanese. Does America make beer candy? I mean other than root beer? Not to my knowledge but the Japanese don’t think twice about whipping up a sake candy. After all, they made tomato candy so sake candy is really rather hum drum if you think about it.

The thing I liked about this sake candy, and some of my pigs did not, is that it tastes like chunky sake. You know the good stuff that has a rich ricey flavor rather than the processed sake flavor? That’s what these taste like. It’s not a taste for everybody but if you like the more “rustic” tasting sake, you’ll like these.

It even has a fun pic of some sake making dudes on the bag. Heh.

One thing against the candy, other than the taste if you aren’t so much into the chewy sake, is that the candy is a little bitey. Don’t be so enthusiastic with the candy sucking because you may get lacerated for your efforts. The candy also has a more granular center so it tends to break up before it gets to that point which can also be a tad pointy. I would have preferred a smoother hard candy but oh well. I do like the creamy white and the packaging. Pretty.

Personally, I’d give these a 4 pea rating but my pigs weren’t as enthusiastic about them as I was. Rob, I’m sure, will agree with my 4 because these are fantastic in comparison to a lot of other Japanese hard candy. However, in the American mindset they might not be so splendid. Eh. I’ll let my pigs sway me but I do have the final say. So when I say that Sake Ame gets a

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas, think of it as a really, really enthusiastic 3.5 peas. Almost as if it might be a 3.75 if I did quarter pea points.

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