KitKat (peach)

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Woah. Peacharific. And check it out, we’re back to the milk chocolate coating with pretty peach rippling. Niiiiice. I missed the milk chocolate. This fella smells like peach, tastes like peach, looks like peach and there is no doubt in my mind that Nestlé Japan has lived up to their peach promise. And then some actually. Woah. Peach.

I’m not sure I would have choosen peach as a perfect milk chocolate companion but someone did and here we have it. If you like peach and you like chocolate and you think you might like to try peach and chocolate, these are your candy bars. They have a good KitKat crunch (although I think the green tea flavor might have done the crunch a bit better), a creamy smooth milk chocolatey chocolate and peach. Did I mention peach? I really ought to because it’s a good solid peach flavor. Does Crunchberry made a peach flavor?, Because if they did it would be this peach.

My Guinea Pigs are divided on this variation of KitKat. Two thought they were better than the green tea, two thought the green tea were better and one thought they were even. Tough call to rate. I think I’m going to take the two above and the two below and do a little magic number averaging and give the peach flavor the same

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas as the green tea.

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