Wata Gum Cola – Cotton Candy Gum

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This week’s snack not only finishes out November but it is also the very last of the Great J-List Christmas Gifting of Ought Seven. On the other hand, it segues nicely into December’s snacks since J-List will be the featured place of snack procurement for the last month of the year.

Ahh cotton candy. Remember back a bit when Wata Pachi Grape made a meteoric splash onto the review? I said that there was a second cotton candy snack and now, much later, here it is. This one is cola though, not grape and gum not enthusiastic pop rocks. I’ve been giving it the eyeball for these past few months wondering how cotton candy gum works but my suspicions were that I’d find tiny Chicklet like gum pieces in the cotton candy.

Not quite as fun as pop rocks.

The backsides, however, are just as fun. Badmovie gifted me with two packs of Wata Gum Cola Cotton Candy and each pack had something different on the back. This one was pack arbitrarily labeled 1.

This one is from pack arbitrarily labeled 2.

Wata Gum Cola sort of looks like an eye glasses cleaning chamois. It smells pretty strongly of cola, perhaps with root beer undertones so that’s a little bit more comforting. It’s still flat and compact and cotton candy though, which gives me the urgles. brrrr!

What was surprising about Wata Gum Cola, aside from the rush of sour that comes out of nowhere after the sweet cola taste, is that the cotton candy doesn’t dissolve down as awesomely as the Wata Pachi Grape did. The Cola gum cotton candy sort of slushes away and leaves an intensely sour-sweet residue in your mouth. Sort of like really fine sour tasting oatmeal. Kind of.

Anyway, if you chew the residue a bit it solidifies up and becomes…Gum! So the cotton candy matrix is interwoven with the gum matrix, which is unexpected and pretty darned cool actually. Sadly, the gum matrix cuts down the cotton candy dissolve-y fun pretty noticeably and the cola flavor is fairly weak and very quickly overcome by a strong lemonish flavor. Which is not cola and will cost some pea pointage. However the cotton candy to gum transformation is definitely wikid so plus points there.

I think the Wata Patchi Grape is the better of the Watas but the Gum Cola has its moments.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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