Natury Citrus Hachimitsu

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Here’s the second flavor of Natury: Citrus. If you remember last weekend Natury debuted with a very tasty cranberry flavor (indeed) but an odd nougat/taffy texture cross. This Natury is pretty much one and the same but not quite as good.

First things first, they smell like honey-lemon Halls cough drops. Hrrrrm. Not that I have anything against honey-lemon flavored cough drops (they are, in fact, my favorite flavor of cough drop) but I don’t expect candy to smell like cough drops. I don’t eat cough drops because I’m having a sweetie craving, or because maybe my breath could be a little fresher. No, cough drops are for munching on when (big spoiler) you are coughing. You can even suck down cough drops when you have a sore throat and that too is a big bonus but as an everyday candy? Ehhhhhhhh thank you no.

Sadly, they also taste like honey-lemon cough drops minus the menthol. So far, I’m not overly pleased by the citrus Natury. It could be that honey-lemon cough drops taste exactly like natural honey and lemons and that Natury also just gets that flavor right. It could also be that flying Pocky Monkeys will swoop down and keep me in Pocky for the rest of my life.

(By the way, how cool would that be? Way cool! I’m almost sad that the honey lemon flavor is a little bit concocted tasting (but not chemical tasting. Think of Lemon Heads with a tad of HONEY added) because I’d totally dig flying Pocky Monkeys.)

Anyway, back to the citrus taffy nougat. The Guinea Pigs preferred the berry flavor over the citrus flavor and I have to say, if the Natury didn’t cost $2 a bag of 8ish pieces (I was able to confirm the price) the berry Natury would have gotten a 4 pea rating. The citrus Natury though…is not as appealing. Universally the Pigs were happier with the berry and the citrus is the inferior flavor. It’s probably a little bit better than an average 3 pea rating but not by a recognizable fraction of a wasabi pea. 3.15 maybe? 3.2? But again, the rating system doesn’t distinguish that finely. Give the citrus a very slight pea oomph when you read my

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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