Royal Family Mochi Cake (blueberry)

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Here’s another oddity in the JSFR mochi world: Cake Mochi. Royal Family is all about the different kinds of mochi it seems and I was particularly intrigued by these because of their similarity to moon cakes. I like moon cakes a lot and I like blueberry so I picked these up.

Let me note the packaging, which is quite Japanese like with the mochi all wrapped up individually and then snuggled in a nice little drawer which tucks into the box. Wow, that’s a lot of wrapping. It kinda keen though, even if it’s a little environmental unfriendly.

The mochi are indeed cake-y, but more Fig Newton cake-like rather than moon cake cake-y. The mochi also have a strange coconut smell to them which reminded us an awful lot of macaroons. They kinda look like macaroons too with the swirly tops. They sort of taste reminiscent of macaroons, although the cake part is more Newtonian in construct than macaroon. Sadly, Newtons have a better cake wrapper that is little less chemical-y and a little more moist. The mochi were a bit dry.

The blueberry fruit center was also a little disappointing. We were in a Newton frame of mind and the mochi had a less paste like blueberry filling and a more bouncy fruity, quasi gummy sort of filling. That was…interesting. My Guinea Pigs and I would have preferred a fruit paste. A fruit paste with a much stronger blueberry taste because the gummy bouncy middle was notably lacking in the blueberriness.

The Pigs were torn between giving these a 2 and a 3 pea rating. The 3s said they wouldn’t buy the mochi for themselves but if there was a bowl of them about, they’d munch on them. If you don’t mind a mochi with odd macaroon taste, a dry cake wrapper and not a lot of blueberry taste then these would be right up your alley. Personally, I’d buy a box of blueberry Newtons and snack on those. Actually, I’d just go for the regular Newtons but that would be comparing figs and blueberries.

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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