Royal Family Mochi Cake (coffee)

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The blueberry mochi cake really should have been like Fruit Newtons but alas they were about the polar opposite. Newtons don’t come in coffee flavored but we had higher hopes for these. After all, coffee and cake go really well together so what could go wrong? Let me tell you.

Pretend you had a bunch of Gummy Bears (or rubber cement) and for whatever reason you felt the need to drown then in coffee. Then, to hide the bodies from the Gummy Bear Police, you wrapped them up and hid them in stale dry graham crackers. Congratulations, you have Mochi Cake (coffee).

Oh I had hopes for the cake mochi but alas. Perhaps there is a flavor of cake mochi that doesn’t have a slight chemical aftertaste or isn’t dry or disappointing in flavor. At least the coffee flavor was more present than the blueberry cake mochi but it was a more coffee candy flavor than a fresh brewed coffee flavor. As one of my Guinea Pigs said, “I wouldn’t eat them again if you offered one to me for free.”

Rating of 1.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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