Royal Family Red Bean Mochi

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Royal Family Mochi is really hit or miss with the Guinea Pigs this month. Peanut and Green Tea were awfully tasty while the cake mochi and the choco strawberry were very disappointing. Sesame was sort of meh and Red Bean keeps it company.

Like the other “standard” mochi Royal Family offers, the red bean is thickly wrapped in a more gelatinous marshmallow-y outer rice pastry layer. It’s a little lighter and airy-er than other standard mochi and it’s sweeter than most other mochi. The inner paste is almost the texture of grainy peanut butter and has a reasonable red bean flavor. I’m not to crazy about the little bean skins that permeate the inner paste and I’ve had better red bean mochi.

One of the Pigs liked the marshmallow-y like texture but said the bean flavor was a little bland. Another Guinea Pig who is a big fan of Red Bean did not like this red bean flavor at all. A third Pig wasn’t overly impressed with the kit and kaboodle. I can’t say that bodes well for anything above a 3 pea rating and given the general “meh-ness” I’m not sure they can make even a 3 pea rating.

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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