Kuri Daifuku

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Welcome to the last weekend of mochi month here at the JSFR and to wrap things up we’re branching away from Royal Family mochi line. Also, you may have noticed the change-up in computers these past few weekends – I’ve been reviewing JSF on location and the new machine is my go to computer these days.

Kuri is Japanese for chestnut but I don’t know if chestnut is naturally Mountain Dew colored. That’s…a bit strange. The mochi smells nicely of chestnut and they are awfully sweet. Like the various chestnut things that have shown up at the JSFR, this too has a bland nutty flavor. One of the Guinea Pigs thought they had a marzipan flavor and I’ll buy that. They also have that strange marshmallow middle layer between the sweet (sweet!) Mountain Dew colored rice pastry and the lightly nutty inner chestnut bean paste (which doesn’t taste beany as much as it tastes blandly nutty and sweet).

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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