Cherry Blossoms Cake

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Frequent Guinea Pig LunarGeography ran across these while I was shopping for mochi month contenders and decided to contribute them to the cause. She is also responsible for Kani Sen and Look a la Mode among other things so sometimes an LG gifted snack is not something to look forward to. On occasion, she and David the Muppet King seem to be in cahoots to find potential low rated snacks but not this week. The Cherry Blossoms Cakes caught her eye as being mochi enough to try out.

The cakes are also vaguely Fig Newtonesque with their outer soft Newtony wrapping and bouncy cherry blossomy innards. I just sort of wish the cake-y parts of these past Newtonian mochi were a bit moister. Yeah, Cherry Blossoms Cake suffers from cake dryness as did the previous two mochi cakes. It could be a Royal Family Company thing as all three mochi cakes came form the same company, or perhaps the travels from the Orient have dried them out. Also quite possible is that Royal Family makes dry mochi cakes and that would be sad.

As for the taste, the inner bouncy cherry blossomy filling takes up the slack from the dry stale graham cracker/Newtonesque wrapping. We all found that even with the slight hint of chemicalness (way, way up in the sinuses so it hardly seems to be there at all) the cherry blossom is lightly cherry fruity. It also has an aftertaste which is, for a change, delightful. It’s nice to luck out now and then with a pleasant, sweet aftertaste that you might look forward to when eating another bite.

If the Newton wrapping were moister I think most of my Pigs would certainly consider picking up a package of these the next time they pass through their favorite Asian grocery store. As is, probably every one of my Pigs would certainly take a cake or two if someone else was offering them. All in all, they aren’t a bad munch.

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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