I Mei French Cookie (strawberry)

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Happy Fall Junkies, and I apologize a million-fold for going on impromptu (read: lazy) hiatus. My excuse is that the Earth has gotten closer to the sun and the days are going much faster. I blink and weeks just flash by…I may need to put in some sort of work order request to get that fixed because yikes! Fall? How’d THAT happen?

Anyway, last week (which if you are reading through the archives will be in about a month…post dating gets weirdly timey-distorty like that) I had a most awesome vacation day and not a lot of obligations to attend to. I also had but three or four snacks in my snack stash but because I’m about three or four weeks behind I decided to take me to My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store. I also decided that I was going to pick up the final flavor of I Mei French Cookies: strawberry.

French Cookies…remember them from way back when? In March of ’08 I reviewed the chocolate cookies and then waaaaay back in December of Ought Seven I discovered the milk vanilla cookies. Actually even before the vanilla I found the strawberry but then I eated them. I thought now would be a nice time to correct that little snack faux pax on my part so in the basket they went.

The strawberry cookies are very similar to both chocolate and vanilla in that they are a cake cone cookie sandwich with a light quasi whipped fluff frosting-esque middle. The cake cone cookies, with either the Eiffel Tower or the square Taiwanese building fella, bring a nice crispy, toasty cake cone crunch to the table while the frosting like innards round out the cookie with a delicate strawberryness. The vanilla goo was a bit slick tasting while the chocolate goo was a tad grainy and somehow the strawberry seems to exhibit both these characteristics but in a much better way. Perhaps strawberry has discovered how to cancel out the odd slick with the weird grainy or maybe the sum of slick plus grainy equals something better than the parts. However it was done, strawberry definitely has the best texture of the three cookies. I just wish it had a little more strawberry oomph; there’s not a lot of berry going for it.

I also noticed as I was writing this up that I Mei has abandoned the double cookie snack pack and has gone down to a single cookie per package. I’d be super miffed if the box only came with 4 packages as the previous ones did but I Mei hasn’t cheapened the pot that much. You still get 8 cookies per box they are just now individually wrapped. I still wouldn’t pay more than $1.50 for them though.

Although the strawberry texture was better, the flavor was a bit lacking and the packaging is still a bit crazy. These are a good solid cookie with a unique cake cone “cookie” bit so I’ll go ahead and give them the same solid 3 wasabi pea rating out of 5 wasabi peas as the other two flavors.

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