Milk Coffee Pocky

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Coffee Pocky…I can has such a thing? Apparently yes, I can now and this makes me happy.

What also makes me happy is the inner packaging, although it isn’t really hard to figure out which line goes directly to the treasure chest. Perhaps this puzzle is for the people who haven’t had their first cuppa Joe yet and need a little help getting their brain firing. They certainly haven’t had a coffee Pocky yet and if they are like me, the brain’s a little muddy until the caffeine sets in. Still…hee.

Milk Coffee Pocky smells of coffee and cream in a light inoffensively mild way. It’s a pleasant coffee promise that makes me smile even before I’ve cracked into a stick. Fortunately, the milky coffee flavor is much stronger than the coffee scent and this too is most excellent. It tastes of vanilla latte, light grahamish and sweet which might not make it the best morning Pocky (is there such a thing? There may very well be tomorrow!) unless you also need a sugar rush in the a.m. Still, I am not docking pea points for a Pocky being sweet.

One of my Guinea Pigs said that there is a slight aftertaste but I am unable to really detect anything I’d knock pea points off for. Let me test again…nope. How about now? Nope. Hmmm, I might need more study. Heh. Another Pig described these as “A solid vanilla coffee…on a steeeeeeeeeeck“.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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