Crown White… (cookie)

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All the way from Korea it’s Crown White… (cookies I am assuming) which would have been more impressive if My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store hadn’t plastered the foreign-to-English translation sticker over most of the lower right side of the box. Oft Guinea Pig LunarGeography and I tried to be as careful as we could peeling off the GIANT stickers but…well…yeah. Anyhow, I liked the packaging and hey, sandwich cookies! Not that I want to say ‘How bad can they be’ but they looked pretty innocuous on the box plus they amused me. I’d like to point out some of these amusing things. First, the pictures.

Heh. Yeah…I don’t know but it sort of reminds me of Girl Scout cookie boxes with the flip side being a pic of whatever COMMUNITY ACTIVITY the GS are doing. How that relates exactly to Thin Mints I am unsure of but it makes for an interesting packaging scene. I dub these the Korean Girl Scout cookies! I also like the name: White…

The cookies come individually wrapped which would have been unexpected if that sort of thing didn’t happen a lot. Still, I am always a little surprised when the package has packaged the packages. This only had two levels of package but we were pretty amused by the explicit opening instructions on the back. The instructions also appeared on the box and we laughed and laughed about it until one of us opened our cookie wrong and it shattered everywhere. Lesson learned: The directions are there for a reason. Also, the cookies are pretty brittle.

The thin wafer cookies are like a light airy short bread with a neat chocolate racing stripe wobbling down the center. They sandwich in a thin strip of, I’m guessing, white chocolate or white chocolatesque goo which is not bad, but not something to write home about. The cookies themselves are not bad either, if a tad on the dry side. The Guinea Pigs mentioned that the wafers have a sort of coconut oil aftertaste but that it’s not a deal breaker. They seemed to like them but as one of the Pigs quipped, “These cookies are good but could have been great.” They gave them a 3.5 anyway and I think that’s a fair assessment.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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