Hurng Fur Foods Peanut Cake

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I thought it would be symmetry to post another Taiwan based Hurng Fur Foods product (Website here) since the last two were posted about a year(ish) ago and both referenced peanut brittle. They weren’t, being a White Sesame cake and a Blak Sesame cake, but I did compare them excessively to peanut brittle. Then, when I was at My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store, I found that Hurng Fur Foods did make peanut brittle. Huzzah!

Peanut brittle (or cake) is pretty simple: Peanuts and brittle (which is caramelized sugar so there’s not a lot there either, but I suppose there are a couple different kinds of sugar you could brittle to get different caramelly tastes). Hurng’s peanut brittle, like the sesame cakes, is packed with peanuts. PACKED! There’s just enough brittle to keep the peanuts from wandering around when you open the package but not much more. The peanuts are nicely fresh and pea-nutty too which is an extra tasty bonus considering how many peanuts are in there. As for the brittle, it’s your typical toasted caramel peanut brittle tasting brittle. Nothing profound but tasty none the less.

I prefer a peanut brittle with a little more brittle and a little less peanut but My Favorite Guinea Pig was all about giving these a 5 pea rating. He says, “If there were any other snacks in the house I’d just eat these.” I asked if that included Cratz and after a loooong pause he answered, “Oh. Hmmm. OK, if I’m in a sweety mood these would win and if I’m in a savory mood then it’s Cratz.” Nice save. The rest of the Pigs liked these quite a bit but not all of them were on board with a 5 pea rating. Hurng Fur Foods shines a little bit more with their peanut cake than they do their sesame cakes so we gave the Peanut Cake a little better rating to reflect this.

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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  1. Mark said,

    August 3, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Just Fantastic. I couldn’t stop eating these. I regret having only bought one to try out.

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