Ramune (Pineapple)

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I have no idea why I am obsessed with finding the perfect tasty all refreshing Ramune, other than I’m sure there is one out there. There has to be! With all the horse manure around here there’s gotta be a pony right? OK sorry that, Ramune, but it is one of the classic jokes and I gotta say, not one Ramune has been able to hold its own in the tasty, refreshing, cola/soda/pop/carbonated beverage world. That’s not to say that you aren’t trying, given the sheer numbers of Ramune flavors out there. It stands to reason that one of them might just cross firmly over into delicious, refreshing, carbonated bevarage and I’m rooting for you. I really am, pony comment not withstanding.

So far, I’ve reviewed strawberry, orange, Blue Hawaii, kiwi and the original flavor and frankly, I’ve found that most Ramune falls “flat” of the perfect (or enjoyable) soda/pop/refreshing carbonated beverage ideal. Orange managed a soft but somewhat crisp carbonation but suffered from poor flavoring while strawberry had a decent flavoring (I think, I actually hate redpop and didn’t connect that redpop is strawberry flavored soda) but could barely hold its head above the decent carbonation line. All of the Ramune suffered many fractional pissed off pea point deductions for the drinking platform. I expect Pineapple will follow in the same gerble bottle construction tradition.

It does. At least it’s comforting to know that there is a constant in this world, no?

As for the taste, my favorite Guinea Pig said “It’s nothing to write home about, nothing to run screaming from.” That pretty much sums things up. The carbonation is, as usual, just this side of not being flat, although I think Pineapple falls in line more with its zestier orange and strawberry cousins. It also follows along in having a slightly chemical aftertaste. If you could liquify and carbonate sub par generic pineapple hard candy (Lifesavorz perhaps?) this would be it. It has a pineapple flavor that’s not particularly vivid in its pineappliness and overshadowed by it’s artificialness. It also only has two sugars listed so Pineapple is not as sweety sweet as some of the other Ramune. This, I think, saves it from being a solid 2 pea Ramune and moves it up to a

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of 5.

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