Meltykiss (framboise)

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This snack brought to you by the letter YUM, and the number 4. Public funding comes from the badmovie corporation and J-List.

Heh…did I just date myself with that? Or do they still roll that blurbit at the end of Sesame Street? Anyway, this is another snack from the giant badmovie Christmas endowment, which we sampled with much relish (but not the pickle kind) this weekend. Did you know that they also make green tea Meltykiss? Of course you did, or at least you had suspicions. I didn’t get the green tea flavor, because there are just too many tasty treats available over at J-List, but I did ask badmovie to pick up the framboise flavor.

If you cast your mind back, the JSFR has touched on other Meiji Melties back in the day but they were dubbed “Meltyblend” rather than “Meltykiss”. I’m pretty sure the kiss name is a reimaging of the blend name because if you look at Meltyblend Strawberry,
Meltyblend Cacao, or Meltyblend Milk and compare them to Meltykiss Framboise, they are practically identical. Both Melties are individually wrapped tiny squares of cocoa dusted, chocolate covered, tasty centers of goo and the packaging hasn’t changed all that drastically. Meltykiss is missing the cool little inner bubble bit design (although it does have a few starburst looking jobbers) and some of the glitz and snaz of the blend packaging but all in all, it’s same difference. I can’t tell for sure since Meiji’s site doesn’t even have Meltykiss/blend but I’m pretty confident in my speculation.

We found that Meltykiss is delightfully raspberry flavored with a smooth melty center. It’s a good, solid, tasty, right off the plant raspberry flavor too so hats off to that. The chocolate is smooth and melty with that light hint of bitter dark Asian chocolate. Again, the outside is lightly dusted with cocoa powder but I think this is where the kisses diverged from the blends. All three Meltyblends had a righteous coating of cocoa which added a nice bitter counterpoint to a very sweet candy. Meltykiss is no different in the abundant sweet but they seem to have dialed back on the cocoa dusting. This is unfortunate because that liberal cocoa dusting was serving the very important function of keeping your pancreas from instantly exploding from the sweet overload. Without that strong anchor of cocoa bitter, the Pigs and I found Meltykiss to be a little overpowering in the sweet.

I’d say that the blends were the better of the Melties because the bitter to sweet ratio was a bit more satisfying. I’d love to steer you towards the blends but if I am indeed right, the blends are being supplanted by the kisses so you will probably not be able to get the better Melties for much longer. Still, the Meltykiss framboise put on a brilliant, if a bit sweet, show so we decided to rate them a hair below the blends with a well deserved and tasty

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. Vil said,

    January 29, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    my friend bought it back from Hong Kong and it just melting me. I love it. Wondering if they selling it in Malaysia? Can anybody tell?

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