Meets Wine Pretz Mild Cheese

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“Meets Wine”? Excuse me…what? I mean, I’m laughing at the name because what is this, Pretz on a booze liquor cabinet walkabout? Of course we had to invite Meets Wine Pretz to the Japanese Snack Food Review. And while we were at it, we did indeed introduce Meets Wine Pretz to a very tasty chardonnay.

Pretz? This is Alice White Chardonnay. Alice White? Meet Pretz.

And over here is Alice’s Australian cousin Hardy’s. Hardy’s is a Shiraz with rich plum, dark berry and velvety chocolate overtones. I’m sure your parmesan-y goodness will hit it off with Hardy’s delightful mellowness.

But what happens if Meets Wine Pretz isn’t feeling so upper crust social? I mean is…

Meets Sangria acceptable? Sometimes on a hot day even a chardonnay can be a bit much.

What about Meets Beer? Or does this Pretz have to have a hush hush illicit rendezvous with Corona? And what about lime? Would a threesome be too much scandal? Because a cold Corona with lime is a beautiful thing when it’s 70 bazillion degrees out.

So yeah, we were laughing at Meets Wine Pretz’s pretentiousness. We also knocked half a pea off for the upscale-y because really? These Pretz are nothing more special than a Salad Pretz with tasty, tasty parmesan cheese. OK, maybe a delicious Salad Pretz with parmesan cheese of the like you won’t find in any American snack (yum^2 parm FTW) but Meets Wine? A little much. Salad Pretz was never so exclusive that it wouldn’t stoop to meeting beer and neither should Meets Wine Pretz. So buy it for the delicious Pretz crunch and tasty snacky salty seasoning and fantastic parmesan taste but go ahead and eat it with beer or even nothing at all.

Although if you must know, it goes better with the Shiraz.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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