Meets Wine Pretz Cheese Pizza

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Badmovie found some more “Meets Wine” Pretz but this time we’re meeting wine with…Pizza??!? Seriously, show of hands out there: How many of you crack out a bottle of Chianti after ordering up from Papa Johns? OK, how many of you besides my mom (who has wine with every evening meal come hell or high water) have wine with your pizza?

Yeah…if ever a JSFR was mismarketed, this would be the one. And if ever there were a need for “Meets Beer” Pretz or “Meets Soda” Pretz, again this would be the one. But alas, it is not “Meets Beer” or “Meets Soda” and despite Rob saying that the packaging only says ‘Cheezu”, it’s got pizza sign.

This, my JSFR junkies, is a pic of 2 slices of pizza. Indeed, it appears to be cheese pizza but if they wanted to sell me pizza cheese Pretz (I’m assuming they would be Mozzarella flavored) they would have a big ol’ chunk of Mozz on the cover and not two slices of pizza. They also wouldn’t have flavored it pizza either so despite the ‘Cheezu’ flavor label, what we’ve got is a pizza flavored Pretz.

Incidentally, Rob said that last character there above the pizza slices (the one that looks like a falchion chopping down a coat rack sporting 2 knickknack shelves) is the character for flavor (or type). Your Japanese lesson for the week.

So! Meets Wine Cheese Pizza Pretz is…well been done before. In the infancy days of the JSFR (September Aught 3) I reviewed pizza pretz back when they weren’t so fancy. Today’s more sophisticated Meets Wine Pretz are pretty much the exact same thing as the Pretz of yesteryear, except perhaps a bit more snobby. I knocked a half pea off of Meets Wine Mild Cheese for posing and I’ll do it again here. Especially for the pizza flavor.

If you don’t want to click back to Pizza Pretz the quick and dirty is: Cheesy, Italian spicy, but perhaps not so much with the tomato-y this go around. And of course, the wonderful Pretz crunch. Yum.

However, because there were branded “Meets Wine” we thought it our duty to introduce them to wine. After all, we had a wine tasting with the last Meets Wine Pretz. But what wine does one have with Pizza? Chardonnay? Merlot? Oh wait, I know…

Cheese Pizza Pretz? Meet boxed wine. Boxed wine, meet Cheese Pizza Pretz.

Sadly, we only tried the one type of boxed wine because they don’t make individual sized boxed wines and My Favorite Guinea Pig wasn’t about to let more than one standard sized boxed wine into the house. The scary thing was that the Cheese Pizza Pretz actually complimented the boxed wine really well. The scarier thing is that I still have 4.5 liters of pink “White Zinfandel” in my fridge. Darn you Cheese Pizza Pretz!

I ought to take a half pea away for that alone. But I won’t. I will dock the standard half pea for pretension but give Cheese Pizza the same rating as the original Pizza Pretz for a grand total

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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