Kasugai Pineapple Gummy

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Finally for you Gummy Candy Junkies out there, it’s the first of a series of Gummy Reviews. Truly, Wizzywig excels at the gummy offering because I could review gummy candy from now until the end of the year and I’d bet that I would still find one or two packs I hadn’t gotten to on their wall o’ snacks come the new year. I won’t though, because I’m featuring Wizzywig for just the month of October and there are lots of other tasty things out there to review, but I think I really could go quite a while reviewing gummy candy from that store.

Your first gummy of the month (actually third of the review if I’ve counted my gummies right) is from Kasuagi, the fine purveyors of Sumiyaki Coffee Candy, Hakka No Kuni and some pretty rad Litchi candy. Wow, their little creepy flip top dog mascot has a sort of nightmare fuel thing going on doesn’t it? Yikes. Let’s move on to the gummy candy. Quick like.

Today’s offering is pineapple flavored and also heart shaped. I wonder about that since Cocon Orange Gummy was also heart shaped. I’m thinking one of the companies may be “borrowing” the heart shaped recognition deelie to promote their own gummy. My money is on Kasugai as the originator of the heart shape but only because I’ve seen the name around more often than Cocon. Then again, Cocon could be a Malaysian subsidiary of Kasugai. I don’t know either way, but I thought I’d point out the similarities.

Another similarity is the delicious taste. Cocon had a really good orange flavor and Kasugai comes out strong with a nice pineapple. My Guinea Pigs remarked that the Kasugai gummies were juicy (although none of them said “super juicy” as the package does) and pineapple-a-rific. OK, none of them actually said “pineapple-a-rific” but they were all rather quite pleased with the spot on pineappley taste. It’s not a fresh pineapple fruit from the tree taste but more a baked pineapple from a pineapple upsidown cake taste. That’s still pineapple in my book,

As for their gumminess, like Cocon, these gummy candies aren’t the stiff Gummi Bear type gummies but rather a firm squidgy gummy. I think most of my Pigs were well pleased with the Kasugai’s Pineapple Gummy candy taste and only a couple noted a slightly odd smell. There is, but it’s not particularly off putting so I’ll just remark on it and not deduct any pea points.

Heh, it’s like a Gummy Fortune except it’s on the front of the package.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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