Kinoko No Yama (tiramisu)

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Kawaii! More mushrooms on a stick! I’ve reviewed these sort of things before with Meiji’s original flavor of Kinoko No Yama and then a couple of Korean weigh-ins with Orion’s Choco Boy and the quintessentially cute emoticon I Songi. All four mushroom (emoticon) candies do indeed possess the Kawaii and get some fractional pea points for that.

This flavor of Konoko No Yama is slightly different that the original of years gone by (reviewed May ’05) in that they are much bigger. They are also individually packaged so I’m not sure if the tiramisu is just this way or if in 4 years the general Kinoko No Yama got bigger and more solitary. If I’m feeling sciency I may pick up a pack of the original and investigate or I may leave it up to you Junkies to solve this riddle.

What I don’t need help solving is finding the incredibly cute of the package. Check out the pic…for some reason we have a chef mushroom offering us up some tiramisu which hee! Also the pic of the plate is taken from the front packaging and they have a chocolate drizzle mushroom on the plate! Oft Guinea Pig LunarGeography and I were very highly entertained by the packaging, plus fractional pea points!

We were not, however, as entertained by the tiramisu mushrooms as we thought we were going to be. Oh they were decent with a nice, crunchity (carefully placed in the Meiji tradition) cocoaesque graham mini Pocky like stick. They even had the delicious Meiji chocolate taste and had a nice smooth creamy flavor/texture to them. However, the coffee, which at first smelled pleasantly coffilicious lacked a little in delicious coffee taste. It was OK but promised more from the smell than it delivered taste wise. It’s still a decent coffee taste, however.

The chocolate is just a little dipped hat on a much larger white mushroom body and for as little chocolate as is there, it certainly brought the cocoa smell and chocolate flavor. The creamy white mushroom body melds well with the coco-y chocolate and crunchity stick yet carries just the faintest of chemical flavorings. All in all, this was a decent tiramisu chocolate mushroom fella with much construction and packaging kawaii.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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