Royal Family Mochi Choco Ball (peanut)

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I know, I know…mochi again but check out the on time posting! Hows that for JSFR love? I did bump today’s entry to Sunday on account of it being Halloween yesterday but still.

I wasn’t going to pick up any more mochi but there I was at My Favorite Asian Grocery Store and there was this chocolate covered peanut mochi looking up at me all “I could be the most awesome tastiest thing ever!” It could too because peanut mochi was indeed very tasty (a package for general no review nomming might just have been put in the basket). However, the choco ball strawberry was not so tasty so I imagined the choco peanut going either way. I bought them anyway of course, for science.

What Science has to say is: These mochi have the same delicious inside peanut paste and the same robust marshmallow fluffy rice pastry wrapping as the peanut mochi. They also have the substandard waxy meh chocolate coating of the choco strawberry mochi. I think the plain peanut mochi was a little bit more springy and not as dry as the choco peanut mochi and the outer dusting of peanut really added a little extra something.

If you are looking for an excellent peanut mochi, pick up the plain peanut because it really is a tasty peanut mochi. If you want a chocolate covered peanut mochi, pick up the plain and dip it in Candy Quick or cover it with Magic Shell. These mochi were OK and better than the strawberry flavor but not nearly as tasty as the plain peanut were.

Rating of 3 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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